Lamas at Phuktal (Phugtal) Monastery

Last year in Keylong, on a whim I had decided to trek all by myself to Zanskar. Upon reaching Purne, my tattered state was realised and I decided to take it slow and explore the remote cave monastery of Phugtal (also sometimes spelt as Phuktal). The path was treacherous and a swaying bridge had almost blown me away. 

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A collection of candid moments with the cool monks of Phugtal Gompa.

Me too, me too! The elder lama tries to fit in.
Lunch time at Phugtal monastery. They even offered me food but I chose to drink butter tea.
In Zanskar and Ladakh, at least one child per family is expected to become a lama at the monastery.
From far and wide in Zanskar; to the biggest gompa in Lungnak valley – Phugtal. 
Away from their homes, the monastery is their home. Little monks play at Phuktal Gompa.
Revealing a full set of shiny teeth! Really happy monk in-training.
Simplicity and contentedness, this cool hat is unique to the lamas of Phugtal Monastery. 
Even a lama can act! 😀
Another distinguished variety of hat at Phuktal.
Priceless expressions! In the desolate land of Zanskar, I contemplate what do humans need to make them happy? My favourite among all the photographs.
A bird’s eye view of Phuktal Monastery – Taken from the top tier of this vertical scrabble of buildings.
What are they up to? Gossip, perhaps!
His home was at least 3 days walk away; maybe he felt lonely sometimes even among all the people.
A serious discussion. Perhaps it is time to replace the crumbling hat.
I could spend hours watching these colours in the lifeless landscape; so much history in the cave monastery of Phuktal.
Why so serious?!

As always, one of the best for the last.

I had absolutely fallen for the hat; and to my great delight – a high ranking lama actually gave me one! That made me a celebrity in the valley.

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