Stunning Photographs from the Golden City of India : Jaisalmer

It was during the troubles of demonetisation that I was in Jodhpur and even though there was little money left, the adventurous heart had other plans. There was also the small matter of an invitation from a luxury property, but I was keen on exploring the golden city of Jaisalmer in my inimitable style.

Sometimes situations have a funny way of working out on their own and it was unbelievable that this trip to Jaisalmer turned out in the most perfect manner possible.

25 Stunning Photographs from Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Hostel
Lucky when you can call a palatial place like this ‘a hostel’! For only 160 Rupee bed with a view of the fort from the gorgeous open air terrace.
A shared jeep filled with tribals from the surrounding villages got me to Lodurva, and the rest was history. Lodurva is said to be the old capital of this region before Jaisalmer was founded. This was clicked at the Jain temple complex in Lodurva.
Mandir Palace Jaisalmer
Outside the Mandir Palace Hotel in Jaisalmer. This 18th Century mansion has been turned into a heritage property and a section of the same is now converted into a museum.

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Mandir Palace Jaisalmer
Spotted this around the Gandhi Chowk in Jaisalmer. Later when I walked closer, it turned out to be a part of Mandir Palace. The locals said it was known as Tazia Tower, but entry is restricted because the royal family lives in the building below it. 
Golden window
This golden window doesn’t require a caption.

My favourite memory of Jaisalmer is the random walks in and around the Jaisalmer Fort area. Plus, the local dhabas are experts at tasty food experiences!

Art Jaisalmer
This could also be a painting but instead its just a regular sight on the streets of Jaisalmer. Isn’t this so very artistic?

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During the afternoons and early evening, the sun rays on yellow sandstone make them glow… and the resulting effect is a feeling of gold! Thats why Jaisalmer is called the Golden city with the ‘sonar kila.’
Symmetry Jaisalmer
A perfect symmetry beneath gorgeous blue skies. Part of the museum complex housing the family’s portraits etc.
Entrance Jaisalmer
Although the entrance gate to this place was closed, I’m sure it would have been an important place in the past. The exquisitely designed entrance did take my heart away.

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Nathmal Haveli
I couldn’t quite believe the first sight of Nathmal Haveli. Definitely one of the must visit places in Jaisalmer.
Gold gold gold everywhere… on the streets, in homes and in the many myriad palaces spread across town. I think Jaisalmer is one of the prettiest places in Rajasthan.
Jaisalmer Fort
To be included in the list of most memorable experiences ever… Dining on top of one of these alfresco restaurants is anyone’s Medieval dream come true!!

Among the other unforgettable experiences I had on this journey, one of the most amazing times was when I had to spend a night at a dhaba on the Sam sand dunes near Jaisalmer. Perhaps, it shall be justice to dedicate an entire blog post on the same!!

Streets of Jaisalmer
The entire city is painted in a golden hue with the movement of the sun. The best way to explore the magic is by slow walks that enable you to see everything without rushing.
Rajasthani moustache
This cheerful man was in charge of the gatekeeping duties of the Jain Temple complex in Jaisalmer, near the main market.

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Patwa Haveli
The view of Patwa Haveli from the road. While I could ohh and ahh looking at the windows, this photograph perfectly showcases the same.

The impeccable finishing of the top-most part of Salim Singh Ki Haveli is truly a sight to behold. Viewed from the front, it seems to have been designed like a ship.

Puppets Rajasthan
The quintessential Rajasthani puppets… There was a tribal man singing a mellifluous song with the Ravanhatta playing… Hope you get the drift.

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Patwa Haveli
The front view of one of the havelis comprising Patwa ki Haveli, that were made by the Patwa Brothers. Two of the havelis also have museums, the more famous one is the Kothari’s Patwa ki Haveli museum. 
My personal favourite of all the window pictures from Jaisalmer. The pigeons look like absolute lovebirds! Ha ha.

The interior and exterior of Patwa ki Haveli complex. The humongous homes make one think of the architecture and class of the Jains as these homes were made in the 19th century.

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A Gujarati tourist poses in Jaisalmer; while I wondered if this really was Rajasthani attire or just a mix!
Experimenting with trying to click what my eyes saw…

I wish I could have spent more time in Jaisalmer, but then thats always another excuse to go back!

The royal cenotaphs or ‘Bada Bagh’, a massive collection of chhatris of the royal family on the outskirts of Jaisalmer, flanked by towering windmills.

The taste of ‘ghotua‘, a delicious sweet best bought at RMB in the lanes of Jaisalmer signals that I should end this post. Thank me later when you eat that slice of heaven!

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  1. Your captures of Jaisalmer are so stunning!
    Having lived across different stretches of Rajasthan for over 5 years, I can never get over the splendour of these golden palatial architectural wonders.

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