Top 12 Instagram Photographs of 2017

It is less than 12 hours to go for the new year to ring in; and this is a sort of a year in review post to continue the tradition that I started in 2015 and continued in 2016.

Top 12 Instagram Posts through the year 2017

An iPhone click from Shnongpdeng-Dawki in Meghalaya; plan your trip with this A Backpacking Guide to Meghalaya.

For the most unforgettable sunrises you will ever see, here’s my slow travel experience in Munsyari.

Even though travel through Arunachal Pradesh may not be easy, but it is one of the last remaining wildernesses of our country. Check my experience of somehow making it to Mechuka.

On my most recent trip to Spiti in autumn, this was the sight as I gawked endlessly on the road to Langza.

Mussoorie’s changing colours through the day showcased through the use of an instagram application. Read more about the charming part of Mussoorie; Landour. Do yourself a favour! Go to Landour

A quirky piece from Bhutan : Temple of ‘Divine Madman’ in Bhutan : Chimi Lhakhang

This post sprang a big surprise by showing up in the popular list; because there is no connection of the caption from Jalori Pass to the photograph from Kheerganga.

More pictures from the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. And surprise surprise, the above is an iPhone click that many felt was better than other dslr photographs.

A door like that! Reminds me of my #DoorsOfIndia campaign in 2017.

Isn’t that one classy shot from the Land of the Kings – Rajasthan.

A few other posts from Parvati Valley.

Explore Zanskar and offbeat parts of Ladakh in 2018.

And psst… in the festive new year spirit – a photograph that has me in it!

As a solo traveller, I rarely have my own pictures! Do you also want to travel solo in 2018, check Top solo travel tips.

Short Disclaimer : These posts are the most popular ones through 2017 on my instagram feed. As expected, mountain landscapes garner the most attention. So, even if I travelled across most states of India and also Bhutan, this post hardly features any of those photographs. Blame it on our visual senses or instagram?! Hope you enjoyed the beauty extravaganza. Happy New Year 🙂

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