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As a full time travel blogger and storyteller, every post or photo essay that I write is crafted from personal experiences that have moved me. I hope to make you pack your virtual backpack and see more of this beautiful world with me.

Why Travelshoebum?

I travel to unknown, obscure places – usually solo and beyond the guidebook to bring stories and experiences from the road in a candid manner to my readers. I slow travel and focus on the culture, heritage, people, food and customs of a place. I revel in hiking and trekking and know how to survive on a budget. My smiling demeanour and communication skills have helped me to get invited to stay at homestays in remote places and thereby explore traditional ceremonies and way of life. I am a staunch supporter of responsible travel, organic food and acquiesce by the adage ‘We did not inherit the earth, we are merely borrowing it from our children.’

I have been an avid traveller since my college days and have been travelling alone for a good 8-9 years. My experiences of slow travel and observations with a keen business eye (remember i’m a marwari!) have made me understand what works and what doesn’t. I ran a successful business and thrive on attention to detail.

What interests me?


I am a freelance writer specialising in travel, food, lifestyle reporting and features. My work has been published in several publications.

I am also available as a freelance photographer for travel, portrait, outdoor and documentary shoots.

Additionally, as a content creator, I understand the importance of visual storytelling and can be commissioned to document your brand, subject, or an event with a live audience.


I create original creative content for websites, blogs and social media platforms as well as create engagement over social networks for the relevant brands on a one-time or long-term basis.

I welcome the opportunity to participate in a travel writing trip, promotion with tourism boards, collaborations, partnerships or travel reviews. I am also open to challenging and interesting freelance projects, including travel blogging, photography, copywriting for travel-related websites and consulting on a brand’s social media strategy.


If you have specific travel related queries, want me to plan your travel itinerary or need personal travel consulting services, get in touch. I build custom itineraries which will include options for transportation, accommodation, recommendations on eating out and offbeat things to do. You will be able to choose from design hotels, cute homestays and Airbnbs, off the beaten path activities, interesting tours or lessons, delicious food and great shopping.


You can invite me on FAM/press trips or for sponsored stories including contests and giveaways, event coverage for treks and more.

I am interested in collaborations and campaigns with brands that identify with my experiential travel style. Extensive travel guides, offbeat travel, photography, food exploration – make me very keen to work on. I am also available to host events, workshops, panels and seminars.

Relevant brand ambassadorships or long-term partnerships for promoting your brand across social media channels.

Before you are wondering why you should pay influencers, here is an excellent summary by Olivier Blanchard.

Please email me at to discuss your requirements.

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