Jaipur Literature Festival : A Guide

If you have been thinking for years of attending the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival (Zee JLF), then now is the time to make the most of your long weekend. Tis the tourist season in Jaipur and foggy mornings and sunny days shall welcome you to the the largest free literary festival in the world. Jaipur Literature Festival is a five day festival and happens in January, every year with much pomp and fare, inaugurated by Rajasthan’s Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje.

Traditional folk dancers from Beawer welcome everyone at the front gates.
Distinct Rajasthani flavour to the proceedings.

The schedule is choc-a-bloc with various sessions being simultaneously held in the myriad halls. I list them : Char Bagh, Front Lawns, Mughal Tent, Baithak, Durbar Hall and Samvad. Making your way around might prove to be a hassle in the crowd, for that I will attach a rough map right at the end.

The beautifully decorated pathway just before the entrance at Diggi Palace.

Around a quarter of a million people are expected to attend and listen to approximately 380-400 speakers.

Entry for school kids is free on some days of the JLF. What a brilliant way to get young minds interested


A Few Helpful Tips for people attending JLF (Jaipur Literature Festival)

Parking : Parking at Diggi Palace (Venue of the JLF in C Scheme) is quite an issue, in spite of volunteers and the staff trying their best to make it a smooth affair. You simply cannot accommodate a thousand cars in a space meant for two hundred. A good idea is to ditch your own car and simply arrive here in a cab. Ola and Uber work fine in Jaipur.

Well organised and the security is top notch and very helpful too

Must attend sessions : Identify in advance what session(s) you want to attend and make sure you get a seat at least twenty minutes in advance. Be clear in your choices or risk the chance of not getting to listen to your favourite speaker.

Click some pretty doors away from the hustle and bustle of the festival.
Jaipur Literature and Fashion Festival, eh!

Registration : Online registration is the easiest and simplest. You just have to collect your badge from Tent No. 1 if you have already registered online. If you haven’t, then a 200 charge will get you a pass on the spot. Tent No. 2. For delegates and other people Tent No. 3 shall do the needful. The volunteers are well informed and very helpful; I was pleased to interact with them. They shall be happy to clear your doubts and present any help when required.

Like a palace; the interiors of Durbar Hall are the most striking and opulent

Evening parties : Although there are many parties to attend and afterparties too; they are all mostly by invitation. There’s a musical evening every day at Clark’s Amer, after the sessions are over. The Rambagh Palace is a venue for most private parties but you need to get an invite to attend them!

A full house to listen to Ruskin Bond, loved by children and oldies alike

Fashion : It is time to bring out your burberry trench coats and trendy woollens not only to blend with the fashionable crowds but also to keep the cold at bay. The weather is pretty chilly in Jaipur at the time of the JLF. Oh, and bearded men are swooned upon (I can’t ignore the ladies).

A cute little café to sit and collect your thoughts

Toilets & conveniences : Although there is a toilet near the café, it is usually full even with the limited crowd in the morning. I found another one which is kind of hidden near the Front Lawns and is cleaner and better. (Shhh)

Little delights splashed everywhere; just be curious enough to look

Cafés & Restaurants : You are spoilt for choice with this one and tea lovers can rejoice with a glass of Kulhad Chai at Diggi Chat near the Front Lawns. Find your quaint corner to sit down and nibble between sessions, there are many food options around the lawns between the session halls.

I promised you that, in the beginning 🙂

JLF is truly a haven for book lovers in this charming city, Jaipur.

Say hello if you are at the JLF 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Jaipur Literature Festival : A Guide

  1. wow, nice read with beautiful photos! did you get a closer shot of Ruskin Bond? envy you totally and awaiting more updates on this. sounds like an awesome next 5 days in tow.

  2. nice post!
    I and my friend are planning on visiting the jlf 2017. Would you be kind enough to answer a few queries?
    1. We were confused do we attend as volunteers(chance to meet writers and editors) or through General registration?
    2. Is it worth attending it for 5 days or 2-3 days?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hey! Please accept my apologies for the delayed reply, I was on the road and seem to have missed seeing this earlier. Thanks 🙂
      1. It is unlikely that you will be able to register as a volunteer, the registrations for that get closed quickly.
      2. It is worth attending for the entire duration, it is only on the weekends that the JLF gets really crowded. Advised to find your own happy space then. :)) Maybe we will bump into each other here in Jaipur. Cheers.

      1. It’s all right. I figured you must be busy from the beautiful posts you put up recently.
        Thanks for the answers.appreciate it.:)
        Yes maybe our paths will cross. it is a small place after all.
        Enjoy your travels and keep safe.
        Happy diwali in advance. -jia

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