A photo story from Pushkar : Away from the fair

Pushkar has become recently famous for the Pushkar fair, but in reality there is an entire world to see away from the touristy camel festival. There is a plethora of places to visit in Pushkar. I have been there twice for a week together and still cannot claim to have seen it all. A visit to the holy town of Ajmer is increasingly being clubbed with a trip to Pushkar.

Pushkar is a temple town with more than 400 temples at every nook and corner, mostly located on the ghats that are on the periphery of the Pushkar Lake. The most important and well known of them are Bramha Temple & Saraswati Temple. Pushkar lake (in the heart of town) is surrounded by fifty-two ghats where pilgrims bathe in the sacred waters. A dip is believed to relinquish a lifetime of sins. That also makes Pushkar an all vegetarian town and free from alcohol (Although both are available at the numerous resorts outside the city limits). 

A city of temples – also referred to as Chota Kashi (with reference to Varanasi)
An architectural delight – Window of a home in a bylane of Pushkar
Rangji Temple – Constructed in the South Indian style
A home that is featured in many Indian television soaps.
From the Pink Floyd Café – One of my favourite places for the Floyd feels !! No photographs allowed
Pushkar is high on the hippie trail and has incredible graffiti splashed on the walls.
The roaming chai-wallah – a must try tea in Pushkar
Surprisingly opulent architecture in a poor town otherwise
Pushkar is also referred to as the fifth dham, quite significant in Hindu mythology
The absolutely last dish on the menu at Mamta Restaurant is the real deal in Pushkar
Even when there is no camel fair, you can stroll to the desert and find some camels and see the camel herders real lives
Cute looking graffiti of the Hindu God Ganesha
A wonderful place to get lost in the lanes and click beautiful doors
Quirky rooftop cafés with delicious Israeli & European food, Pushkar is a hit with foreigners for its chilled out vibe and ‘charas’
Overlooking the Pushkar Lake that is the centre of all activity in Pushkar
A foreign tourist walks flanked by local Rajasthani women on both sides with graffiti in progress
There is an entire lane for food lovers; Pushkar makes perfect kachori, samosa and malpua (Indian savouries)
Creative ideas to entice the hordes of backpackers that descend on Pushkar between November to February


My favourite eats in Pushkar

Out of the Blue – For the bluest building you will ever see and real coffee.

Funky Monkey Café – For the trip vibe close to the lake.

Sixth Sense – For the luxurious haveli feel even though the food isn’t all that great.

Sunset Café – A great way to watch the sunset while seeing the hippies in their element.

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  1. chilled out vibe and ‘charas’.. बिल्कुल सही लिखा है.. अनोखी जगह है पुष्कर। मैं खुद कई बार गया लेकिन मन नहीं भरता.. Sunset cafe मेरा भी पंसदीदा है.. और मालपुओं का कोई मुकाबला नही..

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