Kids of Markha Valley

Schools across Ladakh are closed from December to March. Kids are inconspicuously absent from homes in the summers, they are all busy studying. Memories of an unforgettable trip have come alive while selecting these pictures. Someday I shall return to the families with presents. Till that time, let me share this wonderful time I had, with all of you. I was privileged to be trekking in January and to bring pictures from a cold and almost unbearable Ladakhi winter.

The first face that I see upon my arrival in Markha Valley
My furry hat is a hit amongst everyone, Stanzin jostles to have a picture taken
It is snowing and the temperature is easily -25 degrees Celsius in Rumbak Village
Tundup with the fox hat gifted by a foreigner is the coolest looking of us all!
At my homestay, these mischievous kids used to run away wearing my shoes leaving me to brave the cold
Lending colour in the snowy landscape; she studies school in Leh
Thats Skarma, Angmo & Rigzin’s child from Yurutse and one of the three inhabitants in that village at 4200m
Stanzin, Tundup, Nyima & Norbu accompany me on treks to spot wildlife in Markha Valley
Aint my hat bigger than his entire face? Uncontrollable smiles in the most desolate climate in the Himalaya
No, What, Wait, Seriously! Kids drink water from a frozen stream
Every home has a water powered flour grinding chakki in Markha Valley; what a cool life!
Stanzin is in one of his posing moods after having had Chaang (barley beer); even kids are given alcohol in the bitter winters of Markha Valley to survive the cold
She’s got the look! When I am leaving and look back for a glance, the sudden shyness results in a cuteness overload

Read more about my time in Markha Valley.

The one home village of Yurutse at 4200m

Trekking on a frozen river in Markha Valley

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  1. OMG, indeed cuteness overload! Love, love your photos 🙂 Keep those photos coming, in any case, I follow your pics on Instagram. Awesome!

      1. Aakash Mehrotra

        Wow man, in some months I will be there too. Have some important work to sort before that 🙂 Waiting for some more amazing pics

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