A Journey through Nepal : In Pictures

Memories through photographs of a time when the world was free of covid and we could travel as we liked.

Sarangi is a widely used traditional musical instrument across Nepal and it is a joy to see these men go about their performance in the streets.
The popularity of Thamel in Kathmandu means new age delights have been ever present in Nepal, thanks to the foreign tourists.
Isnt’t tourism all nice when it blends traditional aesthetics with modern design and provides employment to the locals?
Nepal does dal-bhat (dall and rice) with aplomb and it could easily be called a national dish!
Almost every other place in the popular towns of Nepal hosts a live music performance every evening and the beer (Everest and Gorkha) are excellent!
The quality of budget accommodation in Nepal is top notch. On display here are block printed bedspreads from Nepal in a 800 Rupee homestay.
I found this evocative signboard quite funny!
A typical street-side breakfast in Nepal : Sel roti and lightly fried black chickpeas.
Swag on the road : With the classy Nepali ‘dhaka’ cap.
I can only wonder if there was no corruption in Nepal, how the country would have fared…
The heritage in Bhaktapur was simply spellbinding and we felt privileged to be able to witness such beauty.
The woodwork in these traditional structures is especially elaborate.
Heritage is a part of daily life in Nepal.
A morning stroll in Bhaktapur heritage town is one of the most memorable experiences in Nepal.
Dappled sunlight shines as people go about their daily life.
Ever seen a police station so pretty!!
Or a school flanked by lions!

Nepal loves their red chillies…
A curious amalgamation of the old and the new.
Garuda Bar towering over the heritage structures!
Kindness is everywhere.
This particular curd is delicious and famous in Bhaktapur.
Early morning ceremonies are the order of the day in Nepal.
This gentleman was happy to pose for a frame!
Gorgeous frame in the pottery square in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu.
Street art in the heritage city.
A soulful evening at the Dattatraya Temple.
Bhaktapur’s most iconic structure.
Cool dude posing with the masks!
These dolls are quite popular in Nepal as local souvenirs.
The lamp for lighting a diya is so intricate that I requested the girl to pose with the lamp.
Street photography.
The usual signboards at the usual backpacker haunts.

Patan is also a heritage town and has a breezy, more upmarket vibe than Bhaktapur.
Hahaha, you saw it here!
Exquisite doorway.
Glorious light, and I was there to click it.
Small town vibe across Nepal in the tiny, nameless streets.
A glimpse of Newari food – must try when you are in Nepal.
Youngsters making good use of heritage – maybe the only way to make them aware of the cultural value is to assimilate it into their daily life.
Almost every street in the heritage town had a temple at the start of the lane.
Pre-wedding shoots are a unique idea in the heritage cities.
Is that Japanese?
Easy going, slow paced life is a hallmark of people in Nepal.
I love sel roti! Food in Nepal is mostly good.
Lama Ji posing at Boudhanath.
Cute graffiti.
The star of the budget accomodation in Thamel.
And just like that, after 10 days it was time to board the return flight to Delhi. This reminds me, perhaps Kathmandu is even more polluted than Delhi.

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