While the earlier write-up on Kheerganga turned out to be a nice travel guide, this post is more of a photo story with my personal experiences as captions.

Apple flowers clicked in an orchard somewhere close to the village of Nakthan. The Kheerganga trek route passes through apple orchards.
This is the first picture that I clicked after beginning the hike from Kalga village. This lesser used route is close to my heart and the forest is really really pretty here.
This is the dense jungle that really took my breath away. There were very few people here and it was quite special to have this greenery all to myself.
Sunlight can barely filter through the tall devdhars on the Kheerganga Trek route from Kalga village.
Undisturbed and natural, Parvati Valley can really throw up some nice surprises every now and then even on popular tourist trails. The aroma in that jungle is still fresh in my memory.
Rushing waterfall approximately halfway on the trek to Kheerganga. I remember there was a huge crowd near the café located close to the waterfall. It was a nice experience to stand still and let the water mist over me!
Hehe. If you didn’t know already, Israelis hold sway in Parvati Valley. A café named in Hebrew. Shalom means peace and harmony.
Conversations and laughter and memories and fun. What a pretty place to sit and let the wind caress you. Nature love.

You can read more about Kalga Village here, in this memorable post with a focus on Responsible Travel.

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Horses and ponies are used to load supplies and foodstuffs for tourists to be used at Kheerganga. Clicked on a walk on a meadow near the hot springs in Kheerganga, close to the Shiva Temple.
A hammock to gaze away in the far distance, wildflowers all around … and brilliant colours while food is served. A typical scene at a café in Kheerganga.
I was glad to have found a wooden room. It served its purpose of warmth when rain and hail came suddenly resulting in very cold weather. This is a framed view from the room.
Simple and rustic, yet very artistic. I was quite impressed by the bright colours amidst gorgeous green. This is an accommodation option at the start of Kheerganga.
Stormy skies and snowy mountains; recipes for happiness. The green roof is a temple under construction.
When all the accommodation options become full, this kind of café dhaba comes to the rescue! Tourists are charged around 100 per person for common sleeping space so that there is room for everyone.
Wow wow wow! The sun lights up the nearby forest. Kheerganga offers splendid environs for hiking and short aimless walks.
Honestly I was not really pleased with so many people around. Hope to go in the snowy winters someday and then enjoy the natural hot water spring bath to my heart’s content.
Traffic jams in the mountains… A Gaddi shepherd on the way to the grazing meadows of Tunda Bhuj and Thakur Kuan on the Pin Parvati Pass trek route.
Speechless at this frame and remembering how free I felt when the rain thundered and poured on the tin rooftop.
Pretty wooden cabins in the mountains. Also my home for the night in Kheerganga! Charming place to stay.
Parvati River rushes down the valley… Clicked on the Rudranag-Nakthan route. Classic landscapes on this walk.
Patterns and then a snowy mountain to complete the dream. Highly recommend it as a weekend getaway from Delhi for hikers as the Kheerganga trek is quite easy on the difficulty level. 
No dearth of creative souls in the hills. This must be the most photographed stone in the Himalayas!
Looking back… Kheerganga Trek is a fine hike for weekend trips. While making this post, my heart is already asking me to go back in autumn/winter! Clicked while walking back to Barshaini.
When its bright and sunny these are the views to experience tranquility near the meadows and open space. A cool breeze wafts along merrily. Sit with a book in hand : Life.

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  5. […] Check : Photo Story of Kheerganga Trek […]

  6. […] Check : Photo Story of Kheerganga Trek […]

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