Munsiyari in Spring : A Rhododendron Delight

Delightful spring season in Munsiyari. Day hike / trek to Khaliya Top and walking through a dense forest of rhododendron blooms in pink and red. Clear view of the Panchachuli Peaks is the icing on the cake!

Life in Kasar Devi

Experience of living in Kasar Devi, when we are renting a cottage here in the jungle and the descriptions of work and experiences of nature.

Memories of a Utopia : Munlom Nature Resort in Dzongu, Sikkim

On my first visit to the tiny erstwhile Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim, back in the early 2010s – I had stumbled upon this word called ‘Dzongu’. It sounded very mysterious and romantic. This first Sikkim trip was with the family and we had a sort-of fixed program for 10 days where we were going around…

Old World Charm of Landour, with Rokeby Manor

On the circular path of Landour, a board hanging on a tree announces ‘If we liked noise we wouldn’t live here, if you like noise you shouldn’t be here.’ Immediately, an inexplicable rush of happiness courses through my veins. I’m no stranger to Landour; having spent multiple lazy vacations in this tiny fairytale town (if…

The Goodness of Strangers : Travails & Joy in Gada Gushaini

Names of some places strike the mind as mirages. Not because they might be difficult to reach physically, but rather due to the fact that hardly anyone from the mortal world has been there. And hence when unplanned wanderers like me happen to inadvertently land in obscure and little known hamlets like Gada Gushaini, it…