Life on Loktak Lake, Manipur : A Photo Story

If I ever made a list : Top 10 Experiences in India; it would have to include Loktak Lake in it. It is a unique eco-system with floating phumdis (land mass) on the lake housing moving homes. I know it sounds superficial or too good to be true; but thats exactly what this jewel in Manipur is. I couldn’t believe it either, until my eyes grasped the happenings. And what a joy it was to live by the Loktak Lake in the North East and experience life as it happens everyday on the lake.

Photo Story of Life on Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake
Tranquility redefined : A typical boat used by the locals on Loktak Lake in Manipur.
Loktak Lake
Indulging in touristy behaviour in non-touristy places! Thats me and the bunch of Israelis with our cool bamboo hats.
Loktak Lake
Off we go for a boat ride in the stunning blue waters of Loktak Lake!! Notice the narrow way due to the presence of the floating phumdis.
Loktak Lake
Can’t quite describe the sinking feeling when we alighted and set foot on one of the phumdis (floating islands). The land is soft and the feet go quickly in, reminding one of quicksand!
Loktak Lake
Our unique boat which was in fact 2 boats made into one and we sat on those temporary planks, ha ha. What fun!
Loktak Lake
Clicked on the fringes of this vast lake. I’ve heard various accounts that indicated that Loktak Lake was widely used by criminals to hide their arms earlier.
Loktak Lake
A house cut off from the mainland : Located on one of the phumdis of Loktak Lake; made with bamboo with solar panels for electricity and a boat to take care of all other needs.
Loktak Lake
Work as usual : Inside the kitchen of the house on Loktak Lake.
Loktak Lake
A bird’s eye view of Loktak Lake from the hillock near Thanga Village; one of the villages located right on the banks of the lake.
Loktak Lake
Unbelievable landscape : The other side of the view from the hillock at Thanga village.
Loktak Lake
Fishing scenes at Loktak Lake : I wonder how they manage the balance in that tiny boat!! Reminds me of the exotic style of fishing on Inle Lake in Myanmar.
Loktak Lake
The only floating National Park in the world : Keibul Lamjao National Park in the far distance. Reminds me of school and the dancing Sangai Deer.
Loktak Lake
Can you notice the floating houses on Loktak Lake? I’ve forever wondered how it would be to live in one of them : I’d be able to see a floating sunrise and sunset every day from one of the windows
Loktak Lake
Nature’s masterpiece : How on earth can these islands be round is beyond my understanding! One of the many stunning features of Loktak Lake.
Loktak Lake
As the sun goes down : Days here end early, this was clicked at 1630 hrs.
Loktak Lake
Epic after-sunset colours at Loktak Lake : Quite speechless with the caption.

Since I have many photographs of this lovely time, a post detailing the experience of Loktak Lake and also the homestay in Thanga will come in the next post.

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