A White Rumsu Village

Travelogue from a experience of a winter trip in Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Trekking to Jana Village in the snow and staying at Rumsu Village in a homestay. Witnessing snowfall in Rumsu.

Chumathang in Winter – Frozen Indus River

Adventure in Ladakh in Winter, going from Nyoma village to Chumathang in end of December. Frozen Indus river in Chumathang. Heated guest house with natural hot water springs. Wooden bridge over the frozen Indus river. Relaxing stay even though it was very cold outside.

Redemption in Tsaga & Nyoma – Winter in Ladakh

Tsaga village to Loma Bend Check Post in winter in Ladakh; waiting at Loma Bend and being helped by Indian Army for lunch. Reach Nyoma village and stay at a homestay for the night. Chumathang next day.

Life in Kasar Devi

Experience of living in Kasar Devi, when we are renting a cottage here in the jungle and the descriptions of work and experiences of nature.

Four Days in Sitlakhet, Kumaon

Spending 4 days exploring offbeat Sitlakhet at Nayalap in Kumaon. Walks and treks Syahi Devi Temple. Ranikhet Cantt. and heritage walk in Ranikhet. Kumaoni Food.

A Travel Guide to Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan

I received an early morning call from Nitish (instagram-nitishwaila) when he randomly remarked that he and his friends were headed to Sambhar Lake and I was welcome to join them. It was 31 January and Nitish & Co. were keen on clicking images of the supermoon lunar eclipse from the zero light pollution of Sambhar…