Spring in Nainital – A Photo Story

After 2 months at our cottage deep into the forest in Kasar Devi, we gave in to temptation and planned a short weekend trip to Nainital. Even though it was the beginning of March, the weather had already become quite hot and we figured that if we didn’t go to Nainital now it might just become too hot to go later! The lure of city pleasures like eating chola bhatura, aloo tikki, buying wine and beer were our prime reasons for going to Nainital. When we hitched a ride out of Almora, little did I know that Nainital would bestow spring delights in an unexpected, beautiful way.

Here’s a compilation of some spring photographs from Nainital : The locals said these were peach blossoms but the larger internet world thinks they are smarter and announced that they were cherry blossoms. After all cherry blossoms are more exotic and romantic and sell better and I went with the half-lie too. So here’s presenting peach (err cherry blossoms) of Nainital. Shall I just call them pink blossoms? (Cunning laughter!)

Focus on the blossoms or the boats or the lake… Nainital.
Manual editing in LightRoom, keeping the colours as real as possible.
In the afternoon, it was so hot that my head started spinning. It would finally get better when I randomly sighted these blossoms by the side of the lake.
Fluttering in the wind; these beautiful white and pink peach blossoms looked so surreal.
I gleefully occupied a nice space around this tree and enjoyed the scene to my heart’s content.
Passersby wondered what the fuss was all about as I was hopping around with a small camera with the fixed 35mm prime lens.
I thought at that time if it made sense to go boating and then we decided against it; watching the proceedings felt better!
A serene evening on the banks of Naini Lake in Nainital; spring has to be a must visit season when these fruit trees are in bloom!
Experimented with some filter and this is the outcome. Usually I only edit with the natural colours in mind.
When the sun’s rays came from a different angle…
Kind of love this edit; makes the blossoms stand out against the backdrop of the waters of the Naini Lake.
This photograph took a little bit of planning; I actually waited forever for a boat to appear in the frame!!
And then there were two boats.
Stunning evening scene and the calm, tranquil waters of Naini Lake made for a soothing moment.
One of my favourite photographs from the lot. Which one is your favourite?
We would go to faraway foreign lands to see and appreciate this beauty. Why not do it in our own backyard? Travel local.

Today morning I realised it was 31 May and that would mean the month of May passing by without a new post on the blog. The numerous ones in progress would take time. This post didn’t take much time but definitely rekindled nice memories of carefree travel when we hitchhiked and took a bus ride during Covid times and actually ate at a super crowded dhaba like the old days!

Hope this post makes you happy too! Would love to hear in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Spring in Nainital – A Photo Story”

    1. shubhammansingka

      True that!! Can’t wait for the white plum blossoms to appear in the orchards close to our home in Kullu Valley.

  1. Christine Witton

    Nice photographs once again. We were in Nainital in March 2016. No cherry or peach blossoms then. I guess one needs to wait for the fruit to appear to determine which they are! Nainital is very busy now in comparison to the late 50s and oh so much dirtier. Overcrowding of buildings has destroyed the peaceful hill town and the views across the valley from Dorothy’s seat..

    1. shubhammansingka

      Thanks Christine! Thats surprising to know, March is usually the time when the blossoms are visible everywhere across the Himalaya. Perhaps it was one of those either too-cold or too-hot winters. Yes, that memory of Nainital sounds long forgotten in the present day.

  2. This was an amazing post and I loved the images. As I myself am from Uttraknand and recently living in Haldwani, which is one of the crowded city of Nainital. I mostly visit Nainital on my weekends, but I never went there at spring.

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