A White Rumsu Village

Travelogue from a experience of a winter trip in Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Trekking to Jana Village in the snow and staying at Rumsu Village in a homestay. Witnessing snowfall in Rumsu.

Chumathang in Winter – Frozen Indus River

Adventure in Ladakh in Winter, going from Nyoma village to Chumathang in end of December. Frozen Indus river in Chumathang. Heated guest house with natural hot water springs. Wooden bridge over the frozen Indus river. Relaxing stay even though it was very cold outside.

Life in Kasar Devi

Experience of living in Kasar Devi, when we are renting a cottage here in the jungle and the descriptions of work and experiences of nature.

Four Days in Sitlakhet, Kumaon

Spending 4 days exploring offbeat Sitlakhet at Nayalap in Kumaon. Walks and treks Syahi Devi Temple. Ranikhet Cantt. and heritage walk in Ranikhet. Kumaoni Food.

4 Days in Pokhara, Nepal

After spending 2 days in Kathmandu (mostly eating momos in Thamel), we decide to make our way to Pokhara. We figure that the buses from Kathmandu to Pokhara left from quite close to our guest house in Thamel. Since we didn’t want to get scammed into buying a fake/overpriced ticket, we decide to directly go…

Winter in Ladakh : Revisiting Turtuk from Leh

Yesterday was a crazy day of hitchhiking that included visiting Saspol, Alchi, Likir, Basgo and finally reaching Leh to stay for the night. On the next leg of our journey we want to first head to Turtuk from Leh. Since this is winter time in Ladakh we don’t want to make too many fixed plans…

A Rendezvous with Bharmour, in Winter

We wake up at HPTDC’s Hotel Iravati in Chamba and decide to leave for Bharmour by an early morning bus. It is winter, we have celebrated Christmas the previous evening sipping wine over a bonfire in Chamba. The weather is already cold and promises to be much chillier in Bharmour. The distance from Chamba to…

Exploring Tirthan Valley in Snow – Bathad Village

We make our first stop before reaching Gushaini in Tirthan Valley at a dhaba and have food. It is still raining continuously on the Gushaini-Bathad road and someone tells us at the dhaba that even worse weather has been forecast for the entire week. We are excited, snow is exactly what we have come for!…

A Snowy Sojourn : Shangarh in January

The first snows in the mid-reaches of Kullu Valley were forecast around 15-18 January. I, along-with 3 of my friends had made a flexible plan to explore some villages and enjoy the fresh snow as we did so and Shangarh had turned out to be first on our wish-list of places to see shrouded in…