Himalayan boy goes to the islands of Thailand

After the luxurious stay at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, it was time to head to Krabi in Thailand. And the beach lover in me was glowing with delight.

Personal island! Welcome to Thailand
On one of the numerous long tail boat or short tail boat trips

Cheap airfares to Singapore and Thailand made me opt for this holiday and how glad in retrospect that I did.

It was a joy to dine beneath the stars and wake up to see the water change colours and show me pristine shades of green and blue.

This is near Maya Bay (Ko Phi Phi Leh) if I remember correctly. ‘The Beach’ was shot here.
Floating in the middle of the ocean; lazing around and watch life go by is a favourite activity in Krabi.

There was something called the 4 island tour which goes to 4 different islands and various interesting points and I MISSED THAT!

But it turned out to be for the better when I was put on a night tour and it was heavenly to see the phenomena of bioluminescence. (The sea lights up when any activity happens in the water.)


Spectacularly green; trying my hand at the panorama mode

After having missed the 4 island tour – the operator put me on a funnily named ‘7 island tour.’ It was another different island trip that took me to islands such as Koh Lanta, Ko Phi Phi Don, Koh Poda, and an island locally known as Chicken island. I also had a tryst with snorkelling and experienced how slow life could really be (underwater). It was pretty scary and exhilarating at the same time.

The islands of Thailand are pretty popular with international tourists because of the cheap prices for long term holidayers.
Clear water means you can see the bottom of the sea at any places.

The pier in Krabi was located at Ao Nang which is a marketplace and also the starting point of these tours of different islands. I was excited to see the stalactites and stalagmites in the Viking caves.

I jumped for joy at this pretty scene; looks like a James Bond chase with the speedboat. 😀


I was happy to lounge on the white sands when the boat stopped on the island and see the sea change colour as the clouds turned stormy one day. Someone announced that we were in for a special visit to Railay and Phi Phi island too.

Everyone chilling when the boats stop for a small break at the island.
On one of the early morning trips; very affordable – a 3-4 hour trip costs you around 800 INR including a packed lunch.

Until then I had been to Goa and Konkan coast for the beaches but this beauty, I was unprepared for.

I wasn’t kidding when I said, ‘I had a personal island.’ 😛 Ha ha
Snorkeling to my heart’s content! I had suddenly started enjoying life in the sea.

There was the small matter of meeting a crazy couple, a French girl & a Polish guy – they couldn’t converse because Polish guy didn’t speak French and French girl didn’t speak Polska! But they were madly in love and the guy jumped in the sea on the night boat tour to spark the bioluminescence (whenever the girl wished).

Perhaps visiting the islands and unspoilt beaches of Krabi in Thailand spoiled me; now I don’t have the ‘wow’ factor of a beach destination in India.

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  1. The beaches of India are spoilt for us now , so agree to this 🙂 I missed the bioluminescent phenomena , sigh! Do you have any pictures of that? That couple was so adorable though 😀

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