Doors of Varanasi : A Photo Story

Doors and windows from ancient towns have always fascinated me; not only for the aesthetic beauty but also the architecture style and cultural richness that they depict.

Some of my favourite doors of Varanasi

While roaming around in the back lanes of the ghats, an elaborate entrance to a home in Benaras (Now Varanasi)
A gorgeous pink beauty near the Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Click on the above to have a closer look at these wonderful doors in the lanes of Varanasi.

Elaborate drawings with Lord Ganesh being a common feature of doors in the heartbeat of Hindu civilisation in Varanasi.
Most of these old doors were locked. I wondered who owned these homes and left with many unanswered questions.
Finally a straight frame! The narrow lanes with constant activity made it really difficult for me to click pictures.

Riot of colours; my heart did a little dance when I compiled this post.

A traditional door with a more modern one in the right frame, each has its own charm.

This one has a story attached to it : I was travelling in a shared auto and spotted this. My joy was unlimited when the auto guy asked me to go and click!!

To make sure this doesn’t become a humongous post, this is the only alternative I have. After all, four doors are better than one, no!!

Speechless beauty! On the main road to Assi Ghat in Varanasi.
From Varanasi’s oldest region, Raj Ghat at the far end of the ghats. This area has a Muslim history and monuments attached to it.

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Exquisite looking windows, a very European feel.
Aimless walks without a plan and purpose are a great way to spot these timeless doors.
Impeccable and intricate designs on the doors of Nepali Temple at Lalita Ghat in Varanasi.
Another one from the Nepali Temple; there are some erotic carvings in this temple. Look up to find them.

Lock, stock and barrel! Tattered, almost broken but hiding treasures (I presume.)

A different door at Alamgir Mosque in Varanasi.

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A grand entrance, while walking the Ghats on the banks of the Ganges.
The curious case of the twisted goat, just the way this photograph was taken. In the narrow lanes of Varanasi.

A fantastic frame on the left one, while the right door seems like living on its last legs.

One of the best for the last :

Incredibly yellow and so beautiful, spotted somewhere near Dashashwamedh Ghat.

Did you like this post? Sometimes there are not enough words to accompany the photographs, but the photographs themselves tell a story.

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19 thoughts on “Doors of Varanasi : A Photo Story

  1. Pretty interesting! The top 3 (as per me) are the last one with the bright yellow color; the one you clicked while on an auto ride and for sure the Nepali temple doors. Enjoyed going through the photo blog Shubham!

  2. Thanks for the share bro. Though I have been to Varanasi last time, I didn’t see even one of such wonderfully designed and intricate doors. It seems I have missed parts of that ancient town.

  3. AH! This took me back. To the tiny lanes, to the crowded ghats, to the colours and the umpteen variety of doors<3 Planning to do a long pending post on Varanasi doors. Will tag yours when I do:) Also check out Nostalgichobos post on doors of Varanasi. She's done a fab one too!

  4. hey, i like the way how you tell the stories through photographs, by the way i’m also a street photographer from Varanasi. Chekout my work on instagram @click_guru

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