A Collection of Memorable Photographs from Kasauli

Sometimes a place occupies a sweet space in our hearts, courtesy of the happy memories it has created. And it becomes even better when you have no expectations from the holiday, and yet it turns out to be a moment etched in time. It was one such weekend and I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. The monsoons were slowly covering all parts of India and I felt certain that Kasauli would be pretty with the mist, fog and clouds floating around.

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A pretty home in Kasauli… Cast iron chairs, lovely table, colourful flowers and lots of greenery. I totally loved it.
Another door that looks forgotten…

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Kasauli’s most charming delight; the cobblestone streets of the market in Kasauli.

On a meandering and slow walk across the cobblestone streets of Kasauli, I came across The Krishna Bhawan and Temple that was established in 1926. As I entered the doors of the temple courtyard, on the opposite side was an old building used as a school. The temple looks pretty with interesting arches and on the other side is an endless view of the mountains.

When we had reached Kasauli, I was actually looking for a place like this to stay… and was overjoyed when I actually found it. Only to realise it was a private residence.

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Spotted these for sale in the markets of Kasauli. Looked so so cute, especially Lord Ganesha.
It was a gloriously sunny day and it when we started walking near the Mall Road in Kasauli, we never knew we would end up almost 4 kms. Haha, it was fun to huff and puff on the way back!

Kasauli is an ideal getaway for those who love to go on endless walks. There are numerous paths that can make one get lost in nature, in all the areas like – upper mall road, lower mall road and Kasauli main market.

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Old world charm : Kasauli’s homes are lovingly maintained and have beautiful names too! Spotted this on one of the walks.
A view to kill for!! An ideal balcony and sitting space for steamy cups of chai, ‘dolce far niente’, and introspective conversations.
This one was clicked on a foggy morning somewhere around Manki point (pronounced Monkey point).

The pine and deodhar forests impart an exclusive sort of freshness to the air in Kasauli. And it is perhaps this reason alone that Kasauli remains a sought after destination for people wishing to retire in calm surroundings.

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Colonial grandeur… This house is located in the lower reaches of Kasauli and instantly become one of my favourite places to walk to. Around this place are also a few hotels and homestays for a peaceful stay.
I fell in love with these quaint entrances to regal bungalows mostly located in the upper mall road part of Kasauli.
If this doesn’t make you ecstatic with happiness, nothing else will!

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Misty and foggy morning walks to make the heart skip a beat… an essential feature of Kasauli during the monsoons.
An abandoned ‘hotel’ sign on a building. I could not see any soul around but it sure seems to be many decades old.
We had identified a cute homestay and this was over view for the taking from the sitting space of the room! Yay, definitely one of the best places to stay in Kasauli.

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Kasauli Club
The 1880 established Kasauli Club, an ultimate regal dream.

After walking around Kasauli for a day or two, it was time to enjoy the luxury of these views and take it slow and easy. After all holidays are meant to do as your heart desires, no?! The below photographs are all taken from our sitting space, complete with a hammock and dining table!

As the day progressed, it kept getting better and better with a variety of paranthas with endless cups of tea, coupled with this view.
A stunning moment frozen in time… Spectacular valley views all the way to Chandigarh.
The sky was literally on fire that day…

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The twinkling lights of Chandigarh as seen from Kasauli. The period from sunset to dusk has to be one of the most memorable times in Kasauli.
It was a soft breeze that brought sleep easily… and this was the view when I opened my eyes in the morning!!!

Any recommendations for a quaint and relaxed weekend destination from Delhi or Chandigarh? Bring it on, you guys. I feel so satisfied after making this post, back home to Jaipur for Diwali after more than a month on the road with various travel projects and assignments.

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