India’s French Colony : Pondicherry, A Photo Story

Almost two hundred years of French occupation have resulted in a distinct beautification of Pondicherry. The White Town area of Pondicherry is also known as the French Quarter and one could not be at fault if one thought of being in Montpellier or Bordeaux. Many of these structures in the French Quarter of Pondicherry are colonial buildings and were built by the French during their rule. Some of the buildings in White Town have been deemed as heritage sites and are breathtakingly beautiful.

Photographs from French Quarters (White Town area) in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a haven for lovers of beautiful doors and gorgeous architecture.

Pondicherry is also lovingly called Pondi by local Tamilians and Chennai inhabitants for whom it is a weekend destination.

Bright yellow coloured building on roads in White Town area named in French – this is ‘Rue Suffren.’

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Inside the Domus Dei Church in Pondicherry.
One of the top places to stay with a sea facing view… On Goubert Avenue in White Town.

Pondicherry’s French Quarter is laid out in a grid pattern, with parallel streets cutting across each other at right angles. I have been told thats exactly how it is in French cities as well.

The French Quarter area near Goubert Avenue is a riot of colours; there are many hotels and homestays near the promenade and make for the best places to stay in Pondicherry.

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I stayed at this gorgeous heritage property run by Neemrana. This is my morning chai place in the alfresco courtyard!
My favourite time to walk around the White Town in Pondicherry was early morning, just after sunrise.

If you are a first time tourist to Pondicherry, you might well wonder what the fuss about French architecture is all about! Pondicherry is a bustling town now and resembles all metropolitan cities. The French Quarter or White Town area is the part located close to the seaside promenade facing Bay of Bengal.

Delightfully coloured houses pop up at every few minutes when you are walking in the French area Pondicherry.
Aesthetically pleasing buildings exist at every nook and corner. I think this is a part of some heritage hotel in Pondicherry.

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The French Quarter or White Town area in Pondicherry is filled with elegant colonial mansions in the midst of tree lined boulevards, named on French streets beginning with ‘rue’, numerous parks and charming cafés. (Rue in French roughly translates to street.)

Some of the old buildings in White Town have been converted into Government Offices. This is the Chamber of Commerce in Pondicherry.
A gorgeous frame with pretty windows : Clicked while walking on the promenade during sunrise. Highly recommend a walk when Pondi is waking up.

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Another stunning frame while wandering around the numerous streets in the White Town area of Pondicherry.

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The houses in the French Quarter area are adorned with shuttered windows and in colourful façades that wouldn’t look out of place in Paris. Enjoy the slideshow showcasing pretty frames.

Streets in the White Town usually have such fancy sounding names.
#DoorsOfIndia – Straight from Pondicherry.

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French is still spoken among the older residents who live in Pondicherry and proceedings seem to be caught in a time warp when I came across old French buildings with their original names converted into Government offices of the Union Territory of Pondicherry.

Exterior of the exquisitely designed Domus Dei church.

Cafés of Pondicherry are a must visit attraction for the quirky graffiti and pretty interiors.

Elegant and tall French doors adorn the exterior and interior of many buildings. The best way of exploring the heritage French architecture is by slow travelling in Pondicherry and going on many aimless and leisurely walks.

Since I spent more time in Auroville than in Pondicherry, I also explored these streets on a rented scooty that cost only 100 Rupees per day! Highly recommend this idea if you are short on time. Make sure to ride slowly though and enjoy the sights around!

Spotted this from the scooty itself and clicked it from the iPhone. What a beauty!

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Speechless with the near perfect beauty around me – Its best to stay in the White Town in Pondicherry if one wishes to explore the French architecture.
Gallic Architecture? A beautiful door in Pondicherry.
A lovely melange of colours – I also spotted some crumbling buildings that seemed to be in need of upkeep to keep the French legacy of Pondicherry alive.

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