Portraits from Manipur

I’ve spent only around a week in Manipur but its safe to say Manipur is one of my favourite states in the Northeast. On a usual trip, I may not click many pictures of the locals because sometimes they are not outright friendly – but it wasn’t so in Manipur. Even in the capital Imphal, everyone I met was super interested in chatting up and I never had a ‘no’ in response whenever I asked for permission for clicking a portrait.

Presenting some memorable Portraits from Manipur

Portraits Manipur
As soon as I got out of my hostel in Imphal, this little kid stole my heart at the breakfast dhaba.
Portraits Manipur
I was dropped outside the Govindajee Temple in an auto : My joy knew no bounds when I saw a lady in traditional Manipuri dress inside the temple compound. Glad that she agreed to let me click a picture. Thanks.
Portraits Manipur
As I walked out of the temple, this superstar stood demanding to be clicked!
Portraits Manipur
It was a State Holiday in Manipur that day, and while I was wandering on the pavement to reach Kangla Fort – this prettily dressed lady agreed to pose! I hope she sees it on this blog.
Portraits Manipur
Seeing the lady pose, this Policeman also wanted a share of the spoils. Can’t exactly remember but he also tried to get the photograph on whatsapp.
Portraits Manipur
There were clouds scattered throughout the day but as I walked towards Kangla Fort, the day became brighter as the sun came out. Hope this lady too sees the photograph here; she was curious as to how she can get this photograph.
Portraits Manipur
A memorable photograph of a young couple inside Kangla Fort Complex. They were truly in love inspite of being people with special abilities. More love and power to you guys.
Portraits Manipur
Near the Ima Keithel (The famous all women’s market in Imphal); these ladies sort of semi-posed for this wonderful photograph!
Portraits Manipur
A boatman in action on Loktak Lake in Manipur : He had just caught a nice fish and was quite happy about it.
Portraits Manipur
This rockstar peered out of the hut located on the floating phumdi on Loktak Lake.
Portraits Manipur
Our boatman posing with Mr. Maipakchao of the homestay in the background! What a fun life on the Loktak Lake.
Portrait Manipur
Last but not the least, a picture of myself : Happiness galore wearing the local bamboo hat in Manipur.

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  1. Anupriya says:

    Wonderful portraits there! Which hostel did you stay in?

    1. Thanks Anupriya. I stayed at the Youth Hostel in Imphal.

  2. Wonderful captures and they all look contented and happy in their own world. Oh! and that includes you too 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Meenakshi for the kind words. 🙂 Glad you liked checking the post.

  3. Ankita Singh says:

    Great share! It was such an informational blog, pleasure reading your content. It’s really nice post. Wonderful and nice captures.

    1. 🙂 Wonderful to know that you liked checking it out.

  4. Amazing photographs, they are telling all about your journey.

    1. Thanks so much Shubham!

  5. Sunil Tuli says:

    Fantastic , I feel like going to Manipur now

    1. shubhammansingka says:

      Yes, you must! Thanks for the appreciation, Sunil.

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